Jak się piecze w socialu….


Dziś dostałem całkiem przyjemną wiadomość od teamu Socialbakers.

Hello Aleksander,

I would like to congratulate you. From the exhaustive list of hundreds of users who applied, you have been selected the Socialbakers Consul!

This membership in this program is very exclusive. Soon, we will deliver you logos of the program that you can put anywhere you want (business cards, blogs, twitters, and everything else).

We truly appreciate your support to Socialbakers, and we hope you will continue promoting the great social media metrics, analytics, data, and tools we run!

Due to an overwhelming response to the program, we have decided to separate the ambassadors of Socialbakers into two categories. Our Socialbakers Ambassadors, and Socialbakers Consuls. Socialbakers Ambassadors are the top social media rockstars of different markets – the ones with the largest amount of their social network, and the Socialbakers Consuls are the best of the best social media gurus in different local markets around the world!

You have reached Consul status, and if in the future you would like to reapply for the status of Ambassador, this will be possible!

Czyli już niedługo spodziewajcie się więcej informacji o programie 🙂


Komentarze 3 to “Jak się piecze w socialu….”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Gratulacje! 😀

  2. epijar Says:

    Jako http://www.facebook.com/level77.eu ?

  3. Radek Says:

    No to jest nas dwóch z PL już 🙂


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